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Thursday 1 April 2021

EU Ignores Barnier's Call for End of Vaccine War - #VaccineGate

Michel Barnier says farewell to EU Commission on last day - 'without  nostalgia' | Politics | News |

Barnier quoted by EuroGuido:

“It is true that the UK has a quicker vaccination rate compared to the EU. But the fight against COVID 19 is more than speed of vaccination, important as that is… We will all find strong and weaker points in how we managed this. But there is no place, in such a serious situation, for polemics and competition. There are so many more reasons to cooperate, in the short and the long term.”

However, today the EU has once again threatened to suspend exports of the AstraZeneca jab to the UK unless the company delivers the vaccines manufactured within the EU to its member countries first, with internal market commissioner Thierry Breton claiming “there is nothing to negotiate” and that “the doses must stay in Europe

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