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The Brexit Blog
News and comment on the Brexit process, as Britain tries to leave the EU.

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Why There Won't Be a Hard Border in Ireland!

Tuesday 30 July 2019

An Englishman In New York Opines

Simon Sharma is perfectly entitled to hold, and state, an opinion on Brexit etc. 

However, before those who support remain rush to quote him, do not forget that he doesn't live in the UK (or even Europe for that matter) but New York!

Monday 29 July 2019

War Cabinet Orders Brexit Blitz

Thursday 25 July 2019

Tusk Trolls Boris

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Fixing Brexit Easy Peasy for Ɯbermensch!

Winning the leadership race was the easy bit, now all that Boris has to do is sort out Brexit.

However, that is exactly why he won and is exactly what he has promised to do.

By his actions so shall he be judged!

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Hunt Calls For EU Naval Force For Gulf

Someone tell him we are leaving, and need to be able to do things by ourselves!

Oh, and he won't be Foreign Secretary by the end of the week!

Thursday 18 July 2019

There's Irony For You!

OBR Forecast Recession...But Have They Included The Effects of Government Interventions?

Have they included the effects of government interventions?


As per page 256:
"There is no discretionary fiscal policy response"

Wednesday 17 July 2019

It Is a Dead Deal, It Has Ceased To Be!

Congratulations To Ursula von der Leyen

Congratulations to Ursula von der Leyen, the only name on the ballot paper for winning yesterday's election to become EU President by 383 votes in favour to 327 votes against (a majority of 9).

A remarkable "victory"!

Friday 12 July 2019

The EU's Gordian Knot

They don't want no deal, but refuse to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement!

By tweeting this he has effectively guaranteed a no deal Brexit.

Thursday 4 July 2019

Happy Independence Day!

On this day, 243 years ago, a colony declared itself independent of an empire.

243 years on, and it doesn't seem to have done too badly for itself!

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Liberal Democrats Inspired by Brexit Party

Clearly inspired by the Brexit Party, the Liberal Democrats are also keen to make tits of themselves!

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Is The EU a Country? - Discuss