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Thursday, 28 October 2021

France Throws a Hissy Fit


France is none too happy with the UK and has decreed that it will introduce extra controls on boats and trucks coming from the UK, in retaliation for what it says is Britain’s failure to honour its commitments on fishing rights, the government announced Wednesday.

Bizarrely it has also threatened to disrupt the UK’s energy supply if Britain fails to address French concerns over fishing licenses. London branded the proposed moves "very disappointing."

From November 2, it will ban British fishing boats from landing at designated French ports and introduce systematic security controls of British boats as well as reinforced health and customs controls, it said Wednesday. It will also reinforce checks on trucks headed to or coming from the UK.

It said “a second series” of measures was also “being prepared.”

Unsurprisingly, David Frost was unimpressed.

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