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Thursday 28 May 2020

Timing Is Everything!

On the 15th of May leaders of the smaller opposition parties in Westminster (not Labour) wrote to Barnier asking for a Brexit extension.

I am sure that they wouldn't have known that there was going to be an anti Cumings media onslaught over the coming weekend, that might have got him sacked. However, yesterday Barnier responded to them by saying an extension could be granted if requested and agreed upon (along with an agreement on UK funding) by 1 July.

I am sure that Barnier has not been following the Cummings' story, and I am sure that he didn't write/send that letter in the expectation that Cummings would be gone by then.

That being said, Cummings hasn't gone and it's not up to the leaders of the minor parties to speak on behalf of the government, nor is it up the Barnier to make an offer to people who don't run the country.

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