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Wednesday 4 September 2019

Does Farage Really Want To Leave The EU?

Call me a cynic, but I sometimes wonder if Nigel Farage really wants to leave the EU?

Take these two points into consideration:

1 He does financially rather well out of being an MEP.

2 He gains in terms of publicity, being in the public eye and "status" by leading the Brexit Party.

Come the general election he will insist that Boris guarantees only a no deal Brexit (no agreement at all with the EU will be acceptable to Farage, even if it is an excellent agreement from the UK's perspective).

Given that Boris won't agree to those terms, Farage will field Brexit candidates; thus splitting the Tory vote, and allowing Corbyn in.

That, from the perspective of a person who claims to want to leave the EU, is illogical; unless that person wanted to maintain the status quo, and continue to be an MEP and run an anti EU party.

Just saying!

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