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Thursday 13 December 2018

The Backstop

The so called "backstop" (and the alleged "dangers" of it) is a red herring, conjured up by those with an axe to grind.

Even at the height of the Troubles, with checkpoints and guard posts etc, there was no genuine "hard border" it was in  fact as leaky as hell.

Those in the EU who imagine a Backstop designed to prevent the so called "hard border" is necessary, lest a "hard border" split the island of Ireland into two separate camps, are deluding themselves and everyone else.

Those in the ERG and DUP who regard the Backstop as some kind of betrayal of Brexit/the Union are also deluded, given that a Backstop is merely an administrative sop designed to placate the bureaucrats who (for their own reasons) are sitting on their hands instead of putting a red line through it and giving Northern Ireland a special trading "let out clauses" wrt customs issues.

Ignore the Backstop and ignore these people!

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