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Thursday 22 March 2018

Sacré Bleu! - France To Print Blue British Passports


Martin Sutherland, CEO of De La Rue (a British firm), is well pissed off to learn that it will lose out on the contract to print the iconic Blue passports post Brexit.

Who is to print the passports I hear you ask?

Seemingly, in an irony of ironies, a French/Dutch company which will make the passports in France.

Mr Sutherland has demanded answers from Theresa May, he has called for the Prime Minister to visit his factory in Gateshead and explain to "proud" staff why the new document will be made in France, not the UK.  

However, all may not yet be lost, Matt Hancock, the Culture Secretary, told the BBC that the procurement process "is not fully complete"; ie the government will do what it is famous for - change its mind and backtrack!

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